• La Batalla de Alhigeri - Oil on canvas

  • La Menina - Oil on canvas

  • Ondina - Sculpture of talc with pyrite

  • Alicia - Illustration

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The origin of the creation of the artist is conceived from forms of the past, mainly based in the baroque world and authors such as Velázquez, Rembrandt and Rubens. The colors are mixed directly on the canvas, palette and looking rejecting an imprint of the moment in which the work is performed. The painting is about the impressionism of current forms sometimes reduced to minimalist lines. The strokes themselves have distinctive features that reflect the artist in society, but also seek to depart from it.



The configuration of the faces, especially their eyes, end up being the center of attention on all the expressive power is secured. The strong and pure colors have the intention of feeding works an undue psychological force. His mix is not circumstantial, it responds to a previous study which seeks to exploit the expressive power of the work. The quasi-calligraphic strokes is not without vitality, as the line itself has a rash that is sometimes strongly virulent later to become reflective and introspective.

The Real and Imaginary


The representation ceases to be objective to become an element that masks reality. The strokes are figurative and recognizable, but they are loaded with an imaginary component that goes beyond existence itself. Many of these forms do not explore a literal realism, but the interpretation of the surreal and fantastic evocative of other worlds. The search works express an inner psyche against a rational and Classicist logos that is both pure and linear time. Color vibration faces the empty space of the drawings, making a run afoul juxtaposing worlds and ultimately result contradictory dialectic art.